Premium Full Size Kaachi Pakki Straight Shell

  • $350.00
  • Save $103

Full Size Kaachi Pakki Shell, perfect for any dhol enthusiast looking to make a quality Dhol. This Shell offers a natural finish, showing it's dark grains with white patches, giving you the 2 tone effect. The Shell is in a raw state and is ready for oiling with a pre-coat light sanding. 

Dimensions and Weight 

12.5 x 26 x 12.5 / 5.9KG 

Comes with

  • Sockets and washers
  • Internal washers 

Additional Accessories

  • Hardcase
  • Extra dagga and tilli's
  • Remo / Desi treble skin 
  • Stick bag 
  • Hooks 
  • Rings
  • Rope
  • Strap
  • Treble skin
  •  Bass skin 

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